Who We Are

Group3-5007For over 43 years, Montegra Capital Resources, LTD has been the acknowledged leader in funding Colorado hard money loans. Montegra was created in 1971 by Bob Amter when he realized that banks and institutional lenders were unable to provide the creative and useful commercial real estate funding that commercial real estate investors such as himself needed.

Over $350,000,000 of Hard Money Loans Funded

Mr. Amter has directed Montegra through many “boom and bust” real estate cycles and has the experience and depth of understanding to get loan requests funded in a professional way. Under Mr. Amter’s leadership, Montegra has funded over $350,000,000 of Colorado hard money loans. Despite the challenges of the current commercial real estate market, Mr. Amter and the rest of the experienced Montegra team have the experience to help savvy commercial real estate investors take advantage of the opportunities that are available right here and now.

Direct Money Lender – Not a Loan Broker

Montegra has complete control over the funds issued and the decisions made. By working with a local private capital hard money lender such as Montegra, borrowers avoid paying the extra costs involved with using a commercial loan broker. Montegra is able to respond within 24 hours to loan requests and to close and fund loans in less than 30 days because borrowers always deal directly with a principal of the company rather than with an intermediary.

The Right Loan for Your Needs

As a leader for Colorado hard money lenders, Montegra Capital is committed to providing the most competitive hard money loan rates and terms. In the constantly fluctuating milieu of commercial real estate, Montegra focuses on finding the right loan to fit the needs of each borrower by being flexible and creative with our private lending strategies. As opportunities arise for commercial real estate investors to purchase properties below market value, Montegra can help with our new Smart Buyer Loan Program. Buying improved income or multi-family properties for less than market value is streamlined with Montegra’s Smart Buyer Loan Program.